Empowered Birth Stories

Childbirth is not something to be feared, yet we only seem to hear traumatic birth stories from our friends, relatives, and even the random lady at the grocery store! Here at Yes Mama Co., we believe that every mom deserves to have an empowered birth. Browse our gallery of empowered birth stories to get inspired and stay encouraged that you too, can achieve an empowered birth!

Birth Story #4

Leah M. Education Helps Decrease Pain & Fear How Did Your Labor Start? Labor started at home. Thanks to your course, I knew I had

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Birth Story #5

Elyse N. Prep your Relationship & Mind How Did Your Labor Start? My water broke the morning of my due date . My husband wanted

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Birth Story #6

Momilani D. An Empowered Induction How Did Your Labor Start? Induction r/t preeclampsia- started with foley bulb and then some pitocin What was the Most

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