Sarah B.

A Physical Therapist's Empowered Birth

How Did Your Labor Start?

My labor started with my water breaking at home, coincidentally 2 hours after my 39 week OB appointment

What was the Most Challenging aspect of your childbirth and How did you Overcome it?

Accepting the recommended pitocin drip after trying other methods, but I realized that once we got things progressing then I would be even closer to meet our sweet baby girl.

How did the Push Lab help you prepare for an empowered birth?

I was able to understand the use of different pain management strategies to choose the best option for me when the time came and the use of laboring positions that were not just lying on my back. I was “coached” by our nursing staff to bear down and hold my breath like I’m having a large poop when it came time to start pushing and your course allowed me to ignore them and confidently use breathing to help my baby be delivered within an hour for my first pregnancy and only had 2 stitches with no hemorrhoids.

What surprised you about your birth?

How long I was able to handle laboring through the use of breathing techniques and partner counter pressure

How did it feel to meet your baby for the first time?

A rush of euphoria with some tears and satisfaction that I brought her into this world 

What advice can you give to moms looking to prepare for an empowered birth?

As a Physical Therapist myself, I knew I had to buy the PushLab to prepare for my birth experience. If you’re debating purchasing this course, just do it so you understand your choices and that it is YOUR labor process, not the hospital systems. Give yourself the confidence to do it your way with the push lab!