Ready to protect your pelvic floor & core during pregnancy?

A comprehensive pelvic floor and core course

What if I told you it takes more than core exercises and kegels to protect your body during pregnancy?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or your third, it’s never too late to begin the journey to strengthen and optimize your body during pregnancy so you can feel your strongest postpartum.

If you are...

...then you've come to the right place.


The Floor + Core Lab

A comprehensive online course teaching you everything you need to know to protect your body during pregnancy. taught by a pelvic floor physio and birth coach.

No dated advice here aka - no kegels!

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about protecting your floor and core during pregnancy.

Mamas like you have #notime for postpartum leaks, aches or pains which is why I created this course.

What mamas like you are saying...


The Floor & Core Lab was helpful on the days I could not travel to see a physical therapist during my pregnancy.

This course gave me practical tools to feel good during what was a very difficult pregnancy. 



Does this sound like you?

A first time mom who wants to do more than just kegel (which is what the doctor ordered).
A mom who experienced aches, leaks, or pain from a past pregnancy and wants to feel better during this subsequent pregnancy.
A mom who has diastasis rectus (abdominal separation) and wants to avoid the separation worsening during pregnancy.
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Whether you are pregnant with your first or your fifth, this course is for you. Are you ready for your #bestpregnancyever?

There’s A Part Of You That Knows That Change is Normal during Pregnancy.

But there is another part of you wondering why so many women are left peeing their pants, struggling with a mommy tummy, aches, and pains.

As mamas, we spend hours upon hours curating the perfect Pinterest nursery, packing a hospital bag Marie Kondo would be proud of, and baking lactation cookies to feed your entire prenatal yoga tribe.


Imagine if you could...

Learn how to manage pressure during daily mom movements to minimize pain and ab separation postpartum

Understand how to safely exercise during pregnancy by learning foundational techniques that will carry over to ANY exercise or sport.

Tap in to your deep core system to help your endurance during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Enter your postpartum journey with renewed confidence that you have done everything in your power to protect your body.

Take the first step today to strengthen, connect, and feel your best during pregnancy.

The Floor + Core Lab is your ultimate pregnancy protection course.

all the tools you'll need to have a strong pregnancy and postpartum

What's Inside The Floor + Core Lab?

Module 1


This module will help you have a clear understanding of how your body works to support your diastasis rectus and pelvic floor. I take you to the classroom to understand your unique female body.

Module 2

Optimize your posture

There is no denying that our posture changes during pregnancy. This module helps you tune in to those postural changes and understand what you can do to find *your unique* best posture.

Module 3

move well, feel great

Knowledge is power and the more you can get in-tune with your body, the better you will feel during pregnancy and postpartum.

Module 4

Floor, core & mobiility circuits

I share the tried and true exercises and stretches to help strengthen your core, protect your diastasis rectus and pelvic floor, and lessen pressure on pelvic organs and ligaments

Module 5

Extrinsic support for your core and floor

There’s no need to take this journey alone, mama. My husband and fellow physical therapist, Dr. James, will join me in this module to help you learn how you and your partner can support your growing belly and changing body.


New content monthly for the first 6 months of the course!

Upper Body Mobility Circuit

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Circuit

***more circuits being added monthly!


This course is packed with information that I believe every pregnant mom deserves access to which is why I am keeping the price super low!

That’s why I’m offering The Floor + Core Lab for 

The Floor + Core Lab



$50 off during the Anniversary Sale!

Meet the doctor on the internet who cares about you feeling your best during pregnancy and postpartum.

Hi! I’m Dr. Betsey

…Physical Therapist, Educator, Advocate of all things pelvic-health related, Mama, and Coach bringing you the tough love and the 80’s music dance parties.

After hearing countless mamas in my treatment room ask, “why didn’t anyone tell me about my pelvic floor sooner,” I made it my mission to teach every mama how to birth safely and confidently.

I was tired of hearing complaints about labor and delivery classes not preparing mamas for birth.

So I decided to create a comprehensive course teaching mamas everything I wish my patients had known about before they delivered their baby.

Will I see you in lab, mama?

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers

The course is pre-recorded on Podia. Each course includes pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and a comment section to engage with other moms and ask questions! You can access each module as many times as you need!

You have access to the Floor + Core Lab, forever! Once you purchase, it’s there for you through each pregnancy and postpartum journey you are blessed with!

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