Steal my BEST childbirth secrets.

➡️ Learn why you should stop performing kegels (and what to do instead). 

➡️ Learn how to minimize tearing and maximize comfort during childbirth.

➡️ Discover the number one risk factor for perineal tearing and what you can do about it.

➡️ Understand what childbirth positions to avoid to protect your perineum from severe tears.

➡️ Kickstart your childbirth prep journey and ditch the overwhelming advice from untrusted sources.

➡️ Avoid the biggest mistakes that are setting up moms for a harder postpartum recovery.

➡️ Transform fear into confidence with information you will not learn in hospital birth classes!

Gone are the days where we perform kegels to prep for childbirth.

If you are looking for an easier birth and stronger postpartum, this is for you!

Whether you want to birth in a hospital, birth center, or at home…you will walk away from this training with valuable tips and actionable steps to achieve the birth you want.

I believe every mom deserves this information for free which is why I am offering this free training!

"Dr. Betsey's free training was incredibly helpful as a second time mom. My first childbirth was a bit traumatic and I feel much more confident this second time around."

Hospital birth classes do not teach this information!

As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I have taught thousands of  pregnant moms worldwide how to push safely and confidently to minimize birth injury and trauma.

I cannot wait to help you too! see you soon!

Look at you taking charge of your childbirth preparation!

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Xo, Dr. Betsey