Your Nursery Chair Should Be Your Biggest Investment. Here’s Why…

Did you know that on average, new moms spend 1,800 hours breastfeeding their baby during his/her first year of life!? This is the equivalent of a full time job with 3 weeks paid vacation! Ok, so where is our vacation!? When you think of the amount of time you will spend sitting nursing or bottle-feeding your baby, you realize that your body deserves more than an average nursery chair…mama, you deserve a throne!

With my first son, Noah, I bought a used glider off of Facebook marketplace. It was *just* okay and it matched my nursery room. As a physical therapist, I KNEW this wasn’t the best chair for my posture, but I was on a tight budget and thought, “nothing a few pillows won’t fix.” Goodness, I was wrong. This chair brought me more butt and low back aches than I would care to admit to. Not to mention the upper neck and shoulder tension I felt as well. You see, if we are not fully supported during baby feeding, our body will compensate by tensing up to support not only yourself, but also your baby.

With my second child, Patrick, I refused to sacrifice my body again. I mean, the nursery chair is where I spent countless hours holding Noah upright while we both struggled with his reflux diagnosis, where I read him his first book, where I sobbed because I simply loved him “too much.” (Hello, postpartum hormones). This time around, I wanted my nursing experience to feel GOOD.

If you are a first time mama, you are going to have some of the sweetest and most difficult moments in that nursery chair. You want it to support you, hold you, and rock you. Someone’s gotta take care of mama and well, the nursery chair may as well step it up too!

This is why I recommend the glider by Nurture&. Non-toxic materials and spill-proof? Need I say more? Ok, I will…

Key Features:

The Power Recline is the convenience I didn’t know I needed. If you are short like me, this is a game changer to unweight your pelvic floor and lower body as you feed your baby.

Interested in laid back nursing? The power recline combined with the power adjustable head support will help completely relax your head, neck, and shoulders so you can find that perfect position.

Lastly, the built in USB charger has been game changing for those cluster feeding days when I truly feel like I am tied down to my chair. 5% cell phone battery? No problem!

Be sure to use my discount code drbetseypt for $50 off your purchase. You can learn more about my favorite nursery chair here.

From your girl on the internet that cares about your motherhood journey,

xo, Dr. Betsey

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